Crafted luxury

Nicola Schellander designs and produces unique and bespoke contemporary glass and lighting products for residential and commercial interiors.

Nicola Schellander is an award winning luxury glass and lighting designer maker, who exhibited at 100% Design, Olympia for the
first time last September, where she launched her brand new collection of contemporary glass pendant lights, chandeliers, wall-lights and sculptural accessories.

An award-winning British designer who has pioneered a simple, playful and striking style of design that has permeated her designs at every level, her work has featured in stores across the globe.

Each handmade component is handblown in 18 different colours, or in any bespoke combination, with a range of bespoke fittings. Prices start at £360.

"I have had a look at your Web site and the examples of your work are amazing."
Lighting Client
"Lovely work, absolutely beautiful, and so is the talented lady who makes them."
"It was refreshing talking to you. I looked at your web site and your work is really beautiful.I would be pleased to help with your work."
Lighting Contractor
"We were looking for English craftsmanship, when a friend recommended us to check Nicola's work. We quickly fell in love with the pendant lights and they now shine bright in our living room. They were easy to install too. Highly recommended."
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