Nicola Schellander is the founder of this design studio. An award-winning British designer who has pioneered a simple but striking style of design that has permeated her designs at every level, her work has featured in stores across the globe.

Following a degree in 3D Design in Glass, she was then awarded a scholarship to do an MA in Industrial Glass Product Design, for which she awarded a distinction in 2000.

From there, working as Head of Design for Edinburgh Crystal, she launched many products for the Edinburgh Crystal, Gallery and Thomas Webb brands as well as projects for a large number of clients designing for batch and mass production, developing contemporary and crystal ranges and going on to launch her own Designer Collection in August 2004. She was then invited to become Senior Designer for Dartington Crystal in 2005, also responsible for the design and re-launch of Royal Brierley Crystal and working with clients such as Tiffany’s and Laura Ashley.

As both a skilled designer and glassmaker, she is a specialist in her field working across a number of manufacturing platforms in glass- Blowing, centrifuging, pressing, moulding and cutting. She has successfully implemented her unique approach across many product areas, firmly establishing her reputation in innovation.

With the creation of her own design studio, she now designs for sophisticated and design-savvy consumers and specifiers and her fresh and playful style brings sculptural symmetry and a sense of disciplined elegance.

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A passion for British glassware

Her refined lighting and glassware collections have made her signature look increasingly accessible to a wider audience within the field of interiors, furniture and luxury design and the company has been awarded various Entrepreneurial Awards since it opened.

Nicola has a commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the British glass industry, the brand is inspired by the UK’s unique heritage. Using the finest manufacturing processes and working with a broad scope of materials, it is her attention to research, precision and detail that has led Nicola Schellander to become one of the UK’s most successful glassware designers.


Nicola Schellander maintains a continual desire to push the boundaries of the material, the process or the brief, generating inspiring and exciting ideas for clients.

Extensive design, industry and market knowledge help provide clients with a wide variety of services. A flexible structure means you can pick and choose the services that you need, whether it be design, consultancy, manufacture, or sourcing. This results in a unique mix of products and services.

The studio works with an exclusive collection of factories, studios, fabricators and suppliers to provide fast and personal solutions. We combine exquisite handcrafted techniques with industrial processes.

Offering beautiful solutions in a variety of materials including glass, crystal, ceramics and metal.

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"I purchased 3 stunning hand blown pieces of glass from Nicola Schellander. I loved them so much I kept them for our home. They really are the most beautiful objet d'art and everyone who visits the house comments on them and admires them. They arrived beautifully wrapped and protected in individual boxes. For something truly stunning and utterly unique we can't recommend Nicola Schellander highly enough and guarantee you will not be disappointed."
S. Moncrieff
"Nicola is an extremely talented artist. I am consistently impressed by her creativity and the beautiful items that she creates. On a personal note, she is a pleasure to work with. She clearly cares about the people she works with and contributes her creativity, expertise and artistry to the projects she works on."
A. Fresch
"We were looking for English craftsmanship, when a friend recommended us to check Nicola's work. We quickly fell in love with the pendant lights and they now shine bright in our living room. They were easy to install too. Highly recommended."
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With 20 years experience in glass, as well as designing products for a list of high-end clients, she also undertakes consultancy projects and commissions for hotel, restaurant, office, boat and retail clients.

From the onset of her career, Nicola has worked with international manufacturing and retail brands such as John Lewis, Harrods, Liberty's, Laura Ashley and Tiffany’s along with a list of Product Brands and Furniture and Interior Designers. This has given her a unique understanding of the design process and what works commercially.

Design Processes

Nicola Schellander can help you to bring your projects to life by helping you generate ideas, creating unique designs and seeing them through to completion, either manufacturing or sourcing products, prototyping and testing.

Experienced in all aspects of glass design and manufacturing techniques, together with a team of highly skilled manufacturers and craftsmen, allows her to produce beautiful, surprising and elegant objects that are inspiring and practical as well as cost effective.

She can also aid the entire process by providing support services such as trend-forecasting, client liaison and presentation offerings, whether the project be large or small.

  • Research, Strategy & Feasibility
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Inspiration and Ideas Generation
  • Concept and Design Development
  • Client Presentation
  • Prototyping and Testing
  • Mould and engineering design
  • Engineering experience
  • Glass and Material Selection
  • CAD and Specification Drawings
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Manufacturing Processes

Nicola works with and from an exclusive collection of factories, studios, fabricators and suppliers both in the UK and also internationally. This gives her the widest range of options and production facilities for a wider scope of customer.

The results are unique products that challenge her creatively, satisfy clients’ briefs and explore the true potential of the medium yet which remain cost effective and surprisingly attainable.

  • Glassmaking and Supplier Liaison
  • Production Delivery and Timings
  • Client Liaison and project management
  • Mould manufacture
  • Factory and Studio Production
  • Sourcing
  • UK, European & Far Eastern Manufacture
  • Cold Finishing and Polishing
  • Engraving, logos and signature
  • Packing and quality control
  • Delivery
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