Change the colours, change the arrangements, you make the choice.

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Our beautiful lighting collections are a unique reference to the U.K. craft heritage of crystal, combined with the soft sculpted forms of traditional glassblowing.

The idea behind these pieces was that customers are increasing looking for something that is both unusual, but also tells a story- about the craft, or about the artist and their inspiration.

Having spent a great many years within so many areas of glassmaking and in glass and crystal studios and factories, Nicola realised early on, that she did not want to be confined by the traditionally round shapes of most glassblowing. What captured her imagination, was not only the history of this unique craft, but also the idea that glass was inherently a fluid, and not a solid.

She also saw an opportunity to combine 2 crafts that were rarely combined, and that their were so many colours and options available that many customers and interior designers did not know about. Glass was not just transparent, but came in a vast array of bold, subtle, exciting, and elegant hues.

These could be contrasted and combined to dramatic effect, creating visually stunning arrangements within stairwells, and hallways, over kitchen worktops and counters, and also within commercial settings. These combinations are perfect for customers who want to choose their own colours, own staking arrangement, and own flex colour. Each piece is different and unique, each piece worked and sculpted by hand and a team of very talented craftsmen.

Even after purchase, the pendant lights can be re-stacked, to create new combinations each time! So if you need a change, move them around and create a new combination! The result is a fully customisable modular collection of sculptural pendant lighting and chandeliers, where forms, colours and flex finishes are all made to suit your interior ideas.

If you need help with choosing colours, or you have an interior project you would like to speak to us about, or a bespoke commission, please email us on or call +44 (0)7828 422029.

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