Eclipse Lighting Collection

— 20 Mar 2019 15:30:23 by Default Admin

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We worked on, and produced the Eclipse Lighting Collection for award-winning interior designers Cocovara in London. They launched their 2017 collection inspired by jewellery, with the unifying elements being an abundance of luxury.

The client's collections are handcrafted in the UK and guaranteed to transform a space, and they pride themselves in using the world’s most luxurious materials including rock crystal, leather and pearl.

They needed the finest craftsmen to produce the collection. Pieces are numbered and limited to ensure each piece remains individual and as special as a piece of art.

The chandelier that we made, weighed an enormous 50kg. Sized at 1300mm x 450mm, each piece is finished in dark bronze.

Each piece of glass was entirely unique and gorgeously textured.

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