Exciting fluid glass opportunities for architects and interior designers

— 22 May 2020 14:59:13 by Default Admin

Hot glass casting is one of the most exciting forms of glassmaking. It varies from traditional handblown glass, as the glass is not blown and no air is used. The glass remains true and pure in it's molten form.

Molten glass is gathered from a glass furnace which melts the glass at intensely high temperatures. It is scooped up in a big heavy ladle, and from there the glassmaker pours the molten glass onto either a pre-designed surface or into a mould that has been designed with the client, usually either interior designers or architects.

You can produce intricate texture through to fabulous rough, hewn texture, even capturing the fluid nature of the glass as it folds like honey.

Glass cast lighting has a wonderful property of solidity and honesty of the material and it is ideally suited to pendant lighting, wall lights or larger scale chandeliers. It beautifully captures transparency and light reflections.

Each piece of glass art is handmade and unique using traditional casting processes combined with the option to combine new technologies.

You can see some of the projects we have worked on here

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