Interview by Chris Fordham for The Light Review Magazine

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Nicola is interviewed by Chris Fordham for The Light Review Magazine

The Light Review magazine is dedicated to one simple thing, and that is Good Lighting. The Light Review is intended for anyone and everyone who has an interest in the business of lighting: in design – specification – supply - installation – and those who make use it.

In the magazine, you'll find technical articles, opinion pieces, commentary on issues that are concerning the lighting industry, as well as connections to the design and manufacturing communities.

In May, Chris Fordham from The Light Review went in search of a designer to feature in the magazine.

His article "An inspirational designer determined to single-handedly re-ignite the historic British glassmaking industry."

Chris Fordham says:

"When you think of glass products and product design, what immediately springs to mind? For me, I associate it with three things – IKEA, that behemoth that manages to suck us into its stores, dragging us to its products like moths to the flame and offering us shiny sparkly things. Some good design, but much that we don’t care about enough to keep until the next trip to the store; George Ravenscroft – the British importer / exporter responsible for crystal glass on an industrial scale back in the 1600’s; and, of course, Venice and Murano, the centre for luxury Italian glass-making from the 14th century that held a monopoly on high-quality glass-making for hundreds of years."

"I think it’s fair to say that in terms of contemporary glass and lighting products, the UK market has gone through a bit of a barren patch, so I was happy to discover an inspirational designer determined to change all that, and who importantly has the skills and style to do so."

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