Nicola Schellander's Designer Collection for John Lewis

— 30 Apr 2019 15:54:45 by Default Admin

Nicola Schellanders Designer Collection for John Lewis

Nicola Schellander was asked to produce a Designer's collection for The Edge Brand, a designer brand manufactured in luxurious lead crystal.

This stunning and bold collection epitomised Nicola's desire to push the boundaries of the crystal industry, and capitvate the user by using combinations of handcraftsmanship, tactile cutting, and blowing.

Each piece was cut by hand, using age-old diamond wheels, and old stone lathes. The beauty of these processes shone through in the simplicity and refined sculptural aesthetics of this innovative collection.

An exquisitely crafted collection of bowls, vases, candlesticks, wine and champagne glasses and carafes: every John Lewis store stocked this range in bespoke packaging and with her signature.

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